(Code on the protection of personal information art.13 Legislative Decree 196/2003 – EU Regulation 2016/679 – GDPR)


New Wave L.L.C., legally established in Largo Augusto n.3, 20122 Milano, telephone n., owner’s e-mail address


This privacy statement aims to inform the user about the modalities of his personal data’s processing. Following the Legislative Decree 196/2003 (below “Privacy Code”) and the EU Regulation 2016/679 (below “GDPR”), we intend to guarantee user’s personal data privacy and security as it is specified in this statement. This privacy policy is in compliance with the art.13 of the Privacy Code and art. 13 and 14 of the GDPR.


The website contains informative, or sometimes, interactive content. When browsing the following site, we could acquire the user’s personal data, in this way:
Browsing data: this website’s computer systems and software proceedings acquire, while operating, some of the personal data always communicated while browsing. This category includes: IP addresses, the kind of software used, the operating system, the domain name and the website addresses visited, the website’s section visited, the access hours, the visited period of time, the internal user’s track analysis and other details regarding the operating system and the user’s IT environment.
Others data categories: these include all the personal data provided by the user through the website, for example, registering or entering a restricted area and/or a service and/or being part of activities, alone or with third parties, to require information, or by calling us to keep in contact with the customer service.


Purposes: to provide the good or service required by the user, to manage the agreements perfected by the user, to carry out the administrative, accounting, legal and tax requirements, in order to satisfy the user’s requests. To detect user’s experience regarding the use of our systems and the services and products provided in order to guarantee the website’s proper functioning. To send the users commercial information, which could be useful for them, on the behalf of the owner’s and other companies. To carry out the user’s data analysis and processing, to analyze his preferences, habits, consumer choices and/or browsing experience. To develop this work we also use cookies (for further information please visit “Cookie Policy” on our website
Legal Basis: the proceedings adopted to this aim are necessary in order to fulfil contractual obligations and do not require a specific consent by the user. This processing operations are based on the Owners rightful interest. The proceedings adopted to this aim are implemented with the user’s specific consent, excepted for the marketing communications regarding products and/or services similar to others already purchased and/or subscribed by the user, whose processing operations are based on the Owners rightful interest. The proceedings adopted to this aim are
implemented with the user’s specific consent, excepted for the procedure of basic information analysis regarding his market preferences.


Controllers may communicate your personal data to other companies linked to ours for administrative purposes. Moreover, with your prior consent, they may be used with third companies whit whom we could have a partnership agreement: social networking, interactive, consumer goods, delivery, financial, insurance and automotive platforms, charities and humanitarian organizations, telecommunication, for marketing and/or advertising purposes.


Under art.43 of Privacy Code and the art.44 of GDPR, our company may transfer your personal data to third companies located in extra-EU countries, which are not part of the European Economic Area. In this situation, we provide the necessary guarantees (as the subscription of standard contract terms approved by the EU Commission) with the foreign company receiving data. This terms ensure a level of protection data as those established by the European Union.


Your personal data will be processed by our company, as the statement owners. Further information on this issue will be given if requested by e-mail.


The processing of personal data is carried out mainly through electronic proceedings and devices (CRM platform or DB), in order to reach the purposes of the collected data, in compliance with the legality and accuracy principles established by the current privacy regulation.


The website may use external devices as social plug-in. The social plug-in are special tools that allow to incorporate the social network functions directly from the website itself (ex. “I like” on Facebook). All the social plug-in inside the website are marked with the social network’s property logos (ex. Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Twitter). When surfing our website’s page, interacting with the social plug-in (ex. by clicking on the “I like” button), or leaving a comment, the information will be transferred from the browser to the social network. If are required further information about personal data’s purposes, the kind and the means of collecting it, the processing, the use and the storage modalities of personal data from the social network platform, as well as the modalities through which exercise their rights, it is advised to visit the social network’s privacy policy.


This website allow you to be linked to other websites, and from third-parties websites it is possible to be connected to our website. The owner accepts no responsibility with regards to any requests and/or release of personal data to third-party websites, and the request of authentication credentials provided by third parties.


We inform you that data of surfing log, when registered, will be maintained for 3 months by the controller. Moreover, the personal data you provided us will be processed along the contract validity of time, and may be kept for a longer period in compliance to the legal obligations, to defend a legal claim, or to respect other legal obligations or authorities orders.


The subjects, whom is referred the personal data we mentioned above (“data subject”) shall be entitled to exercise their rights according the modalities and within the limits laid down by the current privacy policy. Regarding your personal data, you have the right to ask our company:
Access: you may ask if your personal data are being processed, besides other information about this privacy policy, and, within the limits allowed, if necessary, receiving the data itself;
Correction: you may ask to correct or integrate the data you provided, if incorrect;
Cancellation: you may ask to cancel your data, if not necessary to our purposes, if there are not controversy ongoing, if there is a withdrawal of consent, in case of unlawful processing or if there is a legal obligation of revocation.
Limitation: you may ask the limitation of personal data processing, when occurring one of the condition mentioned in the art. 18 of the GDPR; in this case, your personal data will be not processed, except for storage, without your consent, as stated in the same article, subsection 2.
Opposition: you may object to your personal data processing, except in case we have legitimate reason to carry out the procedure, for example if we have to exercise a defense in court. Your opposition will always prevail in case we use your personal data for marketing purposes.

Portability: you may ask to receive your personal data, or to be transferred to another controller, in a customary structured format, and machine-readable.
Moreover, in compliance with the art.7, par.3, GDPR, we inform you that, in any moment, you may exercise the right to withdraw the consent, without being affected the lawfulness of processing based on the previous consent. Finally, we inform you that it is possible to lodge a complaint with the Supervisory Authority, which is the guarantor of the Personal Data Protection. You may send an e-mail to the contacts of this page to exercise your rights, to report problems or ask for any explanation about your personal data processing. You may send us your requests also by mail, specifying the object.


This information regards exclusively the data you provided to our website – by buying our products and/or services or by taking part in any promotions and/or offers – or the ones you eventually will provide us during the business relationship. If you wish to exercise your right to be forgotten with reference to your personal data, we remind you that the controller is available (in compliance with the art 17 of the GDPR); you can keep in contact with him by the e-mail you will find in this page.


The eventual entry into force of a new legislation, as the updating of user’s services, may lead to any disclosure terms changes. It is possible that this document will be modified over time. For this reason, we invite you to currently consult this page, where you will probably find changes in this disclosure. If the modifications will be relevant, it will be our duty to inform you as soon as possible. In any case, the previous form of this disclosure will be filed to allow to be consulted.